The Rich Tradition and History of Ascot Hats and Beanie Hats

Published: 28th April 2011
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Ascot hats and Beanie hats are two special headpiece accessories that are both unusual yet stylish. These hats have a long heritage and colorful histories. If you want highly contrasting hats to show different sides of your personality, then you should have a Beanie and an Ascot in your collection.

Get to Know Ascot Hats for Men and Women

When one speaks of Ascot headwear, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a fabulously adorned picture hat for women. That is because it is the most favored headwear of ladies who attend the glamorous Royal Ascot races.

As you can see, the Ascot race is an event graced by the British queens, princesses and the nobility. And they always wear stylish picture hats in different colors, shapes, sizes, and adornments. Thus the fashion of the Ascot has been born. Today, wearing Ascot hats for women is a must if you are going to witness a prestigious race.

However, there is also an Ascot fashion for men. For the gentlemen who love the Royal races, they can wear the Ascot cap. This is also known as the Cuffley, a kind of hat that has a striking resemblance with the flat cap. The Cuffley however has a much smaller visor and usually made exclusively from felt or faux leather.

A Closer Look at Beanie Hats

Unlike the Ascot headwear, the Beanie does not have a royal origin. It is also not traditionally worn as a fashion accessory. In fact, Beanies are more functional. They are specifically designed to protect the head of the wearer against heat or cold.

The origin of the Beanie is rather obscure. Some say that the design was first introduced during the medieval times. The medieval hat that resembled the modern versions was worn by university boys. It was known then as the yellow bill or yellow hats. Eventually, it became the beanus which was the slang term for bean or the head.

Today, Beanie hats are still known as the preferred headgear of college boys and girls. It has become a universal hat suitable for all genders. This kind of headwear does not have a brim or visor. It can completely cover the head up to the ears much like the functional bonnet.

As a fashion accessory, the beanie is very popular among bohemians, poets, artists, and the intellectual elite. It is also the signature headpiece of Rasta musicians and those who are following the Rasta way of life.

But the superior functionality and versatility of the Beanie made it a suitable everyday headgear. You can wear it for all seasons and for all casual occasions. Modern Beanies are knitted caps that allow the head to breathe while giving adequate protection. Some versions include an ear flap and they are preferably worn during the colder months of winter.

Ascot hats and Beanie hats can define different aspects of your personality. For more formal occasions, the Ascot headwear would be ideal. But if you want to get the free thinker look, then you should wear the functional Beanie.

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