A Trilby or Flat Caps: Choosing the Best Hat to Suit Your Style

Published: 26th April 2011
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Since the dawn of civilization, men always wore hats. A hat is primarily considered a protective head gear to shield the head from heat or rain. Eventually, hats eventually became fashion accessories. The development of more exquisite designs made the functional hat into a fabulous headpiece.

When it comes to hats, men always have a wider range of options. From casual to formal headpieces, there is surely something special that you can use. Two of the most fabulous hats that you should seriously consider are flat caps and Trilby. These hats defined menís fashion for many decades and they are still very popular and widely accepted today.

Understanding the Flat Caps for Men

The flat hat for men is a rounded cap with a very short brim in front. It has a raised back that makes it look more elongated from a distance. This kind of cap is almost always made from tweed. However, you can also get a flat menís cap made from original wool, cotton, and sometimes, leather.

The cap became very popular among men during the 17th century in old England and certain parts of Italy. It eventually became the standard hat of working men due to its comfortable design. After many decades, flat caps became fashionable. Noblemen and members of the gentry also became enamored with the cap previously worn by immigrants and working people.

This kind of menís cap is highly versatile. It can be worn with casual clothes or formal suits. The simplicity of the design makes the wearer look gentler and approachable. More importantly, this hat will not overwhelm your facial features. It is perfect for all face shapes and hair styles.

Get More Formal with the Trilbies

Trilbies dominated the fashion scene of the late 1800s. These hats were first introduced in an 1895 play based on the novel of George Du Maurier. It quickly captured the imagination of many people especially women. In fact, trilbies were considered then as hats for women. After a few years, these hats became very fashionable for men too.

The Trilby hat has a distinct pinched top, a slightly turned up back, very narrow brim, and short crown. It is a close cousin of the fedora but trilbies are classier and exude a more mysterious aura. They are more functional and versatile because of the smaller frame. You can match these hats with any type of suit, formal jacket, or blazer.

A plain Trilby made from canvas or straw can be worn with a casual suit. But most models are usually made from wool, tweed, or rabbit hair felt. These types of materials are more appropriate for formal occasions.

So if you want an everyday functional hat which is also suitable for all types of occasions, you should consider getting flat caps. These caps are versatile and designed to make you look cool and gentle.

For more formal occasions, you can easily don a Trilby. This type of hat can make you look dashing and fabulous. They are a perfect match for formal jackets and suits.

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